The Village Learning Center in Pennington, NJ is pleased to share parent testimonials written by moms and dads who use our childcare services. If your child is in our care, we welcome all thoughts and feedback.

Beyond Compare

"In the four years we have been here with our children, we have experienced each level – Infants, Toddlers, Pre-School and Pre-K programs. The quality of care and education is beyond compare. The children receive a rich curriculum while still being encouraged to be young and have fun. Children and their parents are treated like members of an extended family by every staff member in the building and we have made lasting friendships with other families throughout our time here. They say that it takes a village to raise a child – we are lucky to have found our village at The Village Learning Center!"
- P. Simpson

Peace In My Heart

"My daughter has been at TVLC since 2011. She started on her 1st Birthday! As a new mom you can imagine my fear and anxiety leaving my little one in a brand new school on her first BIRTHDAY! That day, Miss Judy gave me such confidence and peace in my heart that she would love my baby like her own... I will never forget that day. After five years, my daughters' happiness ad comfort speaks volumes to what this center means and does, not just for her but for all of the children."
- C. Wiseman

Love The Village Learning Center

"We are happy we still have a few years left to love TVLC. I don't know who was more sad when Eleanor graduated, her or us. Watching her thrive in Kindergarten reinforces every day what a great foundation for learning, endless curiosity and boundless imagination you instilled in her. Thank you."
- T. Farmer

The Village Learning Center is a Life Saver

"We cannot say enough as grandparents and caregivers to our grandson, what a life saver TVLC is. Giving us educational support, emotional support, and the flexibility in helping raise our grandson in the beautiful community."
- F & J Van der Ree

A True Blessing

"I truly do not know what my son & I would have done without all of you being apart of our lives this past year. It is a true blessing knowing that my son is in the best care possible with the members of TVLC."
- J. Colombo

Loving, Caring Environment

"The three years that my children were able to spend at TVLC, undoubtable, provided them with a loving, caring environment where they were able to learn, grow, make friends, explore, and be creative."
- J. Paul

Exceeded All Expectations

"Our experience with TVLC has exceeded all expectations. They are a family who has become an extension of ours. From infant through enrichment we have had the good fortune to be a part of every stage and we know our girls are nurtured and educated every step of the way. The peace of mind they provide is priceless. WE LOVE TVLC!!"
- J. Farmer

Kindness and Patience is Amazing

"Thank you for creating an environment that allows structured freedom of expression and physical activity. My child emphatically talks about his friends and what they all did at school each day. Your kindness and patience is amazing."
- K. Wilkes

Something Special

"There is something special at TVLC when you walk in the door and feel like you are walking into a family's home. This is a very rare feeling to find in a day care center. Thank you for everything you do!!"
- L. McConologue, PhD, MSN, PMHCNS-BC

Such a Comfort

"Like most working parents, we wish we could spend every day with our boys. But it is such a comfort to send them to a school where they are loved, affectionately cared for and taught that learning is fun."
- S & T Reeder

Best Job in the World

"When I drive to work i'm always happy to get to where i'm going. I love my job! It's the best job in the world!"
- Miss Donna